Develop confidence, improve physical & social skills and have fun!

We believe that the best way to play sport and be physically active is with a smile on our faces having fun. The only way children are going to continue playing, create healthy habits for life and develop their skills is if they enjoy the games.

Working in teams and as an individual allows your child to develop their personal skills. We create an environment that enables both fun and learning through a structured rugby based play program designed by qualified coaches and teachers.

We respect everyone involved in the Half Backs session, children, parents and carers and the other coaches. We nurture a safe and welcoming environment for all.

The fundamental movements taught at Half Backs will help develop your child both physically and mentally.

Mission Statement

Half Backs provide a fun, active and engaging environment for children aged two to six developing their fundamental movement and social skills through rugby and multi skill games.

Why choose Half Backs to teach your children?

  • We only recruit specialist experienced coaches, teachers and parents, who create a safe and fun environment.
  • Were a unique concept in coaching as we train both boys and girls together from as young as 24 months.
  •  Half Backs is passionate about engaging parents and children to learn new skills and have fun together.
  • We care about every child we train and see everyone as individuals. We work endlessly to improve our coaching styles to provide you with the best possible standards.
  • We believe that being active outside helps develop healthier happier children.


We aim to be the physical activity of choice, for children aged two to six, by providing professionally run, safe and educational early years development through rugby union in an outdoors setting and to be an active part of the local community both on and off line.


Why choose Half Backs to train your pupils?

Quite simply, because we understand the importance and responsibilities of working with children, and more importantly we're very good at it. Our coaches are all accredited by the Rugby Football Union and are also experienced players and coaches. Were looking to expand our network of schools, so before making a decision, we invite schools to take up the offer of a free taster session, delivered during curriculum time. We believe that by experiencing our innovative teaching and coaching methods, your staff and pupils will see the benefits of Half Backs and will understand why were so many parents number one. Our courses are designed to capture children’s imagination by introducing fresh ideas and games that develop their self-confidence and improve their co-ordination.

We teach children as young as two years old, all the way up to 16. Rugby has come along way since professionalism and or coaching methods are designed with that in mind.

We can work with your school in a number of ways including after school clubs! Before school specific rugby training! Provide lunchtime classes! And also hold half term and holiday camps.

Email us at for more information.

Excellent, the trainers were enthusiastic and had lots of fresh and fun ideas. My daughter really enjoyed herself and so did all her friends. I would definitely recommend this.

Develop confidence
  • Positive environment
  • Experience winning & losing
  • Trying your best every session
  • Encouragement from parents and coaches
  • Push themselves to perform better
Improve physical & social skills
  • Increase agility, balance & coordination
  • Increase motorskills
  • Encourages empathy and friendship
  • Learn to respect themselves and others
  • Being part of a team, focus on teamwork
Have fun!
  • Rugby & multi skill games
  • Focus on fun and safe activities
  • Running around in one of the most beautiful parks in West London, with friends and family