Half Backs 1-2-1 private rugby sessions


1-2-1 private rugby session


Half Backs is providing outdoor private 1-to-1 rugby sessions for children aged 6–18-years in local parks or green spaces.





1-to-1 Private Rugby Session

What does this include?

One of our coaches will discuss with the child and/or parent what the child would like to work on. Based on that the coach will tailor the session in conversation with the parent and/or child.


Half Backs focus for delivering a 1-2-1 private session

Focus on Technical Skills

Increase Understanding of The Rugby Game and Laws 

Increase Players Confidence ✅


About Head Coach Nicole

Nicole has been playing rugby 15s & 7s for over 13 years. Five of those years playing at a professional level as a national 7s player for the Netherlands. Aside from playing Nicole has a keen passion for coaching   the younger generation.


Nicole received her RFU level 2 in 2017 and started out as a backs coach for Teddington Ladies and Head Coach of Teddington Girls. Following this Nicole has been coaching for J.Heald, delivering rugby PE lessons in South West London. Nicole has also held positions as head coach of a new university team called Babas and volunteered as a Director of Rugby for Middlesex a Women & Girls.



For more information or to book, please send an email to info@halfbacks.co.uk

Develop confidence
  • Positive environment
  • Experience winning & losing
  • Trying your best every session
  • Encouragement from parents and coaches
  • Push themselves to perform better
Improve physical & social skills
  • Increase agility, balance & coordination
  • Increase motorskills
  • Encourages empathy and friendship
  • Learn to respect themselves and others
  • Being part of a team, focus on teamwork
Have fun!
  • Rugby & multi skill games
  • Focus on fun and safe activities
  • Running around in one of the most beautiful parks in West London, with friends and family