Don't let the winter chills keep you indoors. Wrap up warm and enjoy the great outdoors! ☺️

5 Ideas To Get Active Outdoors With The Family This January

It's so tempting to stay indoors but wrap up warm and breathe in the fresh air as there's lots of fun to be had in the good old outdoors!

Half Backs Sport Ltd.
On Jan 4, 2019

1. Go on a nature walk and see what animals and plants you can spot in the winter months 🐿️ 🐾 🍂
2. Channel your inner Mary Poppins and go fly a kite!
3. Grab your scooter or bike and explore your local park 🛴🚲

4. Find your wellies & waterproofs and go puddle jumping! ☔

5. Try a new sport! 🏉 Why not give Half Backs Rugby a try...

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